At least one parent must be an active Catholic. You may have one or two godparents. At least one of the godparents must be a practicing Catholic, baptized and confirmed.

The godparents must participate in the pre-baptismal class or should have a letter from their home parish, stating that they have attended the pre-baptismal class and that they are practicing Catholics if they do not belong to our parish.

In order to baptize a baby whose parents belong to another parish, we need written permission from their priest. We need a copy of the birth certificate of the child, or the official certificate from the hospital where the child was born. (This facilitates in creating the Baptismal Certificate.) The fee to baptize at Saint Francis of Assisi is $125.  Fees must be paid prior to the Baptism. No one will be denied the sacrament because of financial difficulties.

English preparation classes are held on the first Tuesday of every month.

Pre bautismales en español cada primer lunes del mes.

Baptism Registration Form/Forma de Registro Bautismal

English Contact 
Sue Marshall at
(908) 872-6054

Español Contacto
Natividad Morales
775-815-6835 OR 832-8035