Alpha returns to St. Francis on Mondays, starting September 11th from 4:30 to 8 pm. 


Alpha is based on a pattern you will find in the New Testament of people bringing their friends, family, and work colleagues to meet Jesus. Andrew brought his brother Peter; Philip brought Nathaniel; Matthew had a party and invited all his work colleagues – he said, “Come and meet Jesus!” Alpha is an easy way of saying to friends, “Come and see, come and explore your questions, come and hear about Jesus, come and see for yourself.”

At Alpha we try to be:

  • Real – Alpha represents the reality of who Jesus is. The people that organize Alpha are real and authentic and this allows the guests to be real themselves. People are welcome to ask questions and look for answers, with no pressure to contribute and no follow-up if they don’t come back.
  • Relational – Alpha is based on genuine friendships that are built up over a few weeks and will last for years afterwards, further building community in Christ.
  • Reliant – Alpha is reliant on the Holy Spirit because we realize that it is only God who changes people’s lives; we just introduce Him.

No one can force anyone to believe anything. What we’re finding is that if we allow people to be themselves and ask their questions, focus on building relationships and rely on the Holy Spirit, lives are changed.