Dear Disciple,

Fifteen years ago, our parish undertook a critically needed structural renovation of our Church, transforming the building into the beautiful worship space it is today. More recently, we added on the two-story wing on the east side of the building to accommodate growing formation and ministries.

We continue to grow, always striving to meet the demands of our thriving parish. But now we are focusing on what you might call an “interior renovation,” where we prayerfully consider our mission as a Church and evaluate how we can grow as disciples of Christ.

This takes money, of course, for leadership and support, for programs, training, materials, and many other things, as you can imagine. Please consider how you might help out as we continue the holy work of bettering ourselves in hopes that we may, each of us, increase our capacity to love more like Jesus every day.

I thank you for your generosity and kindness toward our Saint Francis Parish, without your help and support we wouldn’t be able to accomplish the mission that Jesus Christ entrusted to his Church.

With love and prayers,
Rv. Jorge Herrera, Pastor