Financial gifts by generous parishioners have been a significant source of support for St. Francis of Assisi since its founding in 1965.

The following pages include the many ways to give and how your gifts will contribute to the future strength of St. Francis of Assisi.

A planned gift or a bequest for the benefit of St. Francis of Assisi may qualify you or your estate for a charitable tax deduction. Please consult with your financial, estate planning, and tax professionals.

To those who have already created a planned gift or bequest, I extend my warmest thanks. To those who have not yet done so, we encourage you to prayerfully consider it. Each gift builds a stronger and better Catholic presence in North Lake Tahoe through the good works of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Community.

God Bless,
Father Bill


Check, Cash or Online

Appreciated Asset

Decrease capital gains tax and obtain a charitable gift deduction on your tax return

•    Stock or Mutual Funds

•    Annuity

•    Life Insurance

•    Real Estate

IRA Required Minimum Distribution

If you are over 70.5 years of age, gifts paid directly from your IRA to fulfill your Required Minimum Distribution (or RMD) are not taxed like a ‘regular’ IRA income distribution. 

Bequest through your Estate

•    A stated dollar amount from your estate

•    A percentage of your estate

•    Remainder of your estate after you have provided for your heirs and loved ones


Unrestricted Gift

Allow St. Francis of Assisi to allocate funds to our areas of greatest need. However, you may designate your gift for a particular purpose such as:

•    General Fund

•    One or more of our 40 Ministries at St. Francis

•    Religious Education / Youth Ministry

•    Endowment

•    Capital Expenditures

(Please see below for details)

If you are making a restricted gift, it is advisable to include the following language in your will, codicil, or trust:

If in the judgment of the Pastor, Pastoral Council, and Finance Council, should circumstances change and it become impractical to apply this bequest to the designated purpose (s), St. Francis will make such modification that will recognize my interests in coordination with Parish priorities.


General Fund

Keep the lights on! A gift to the General Fund is the support we use to Share our Faith with our bulletins, worship aids, website and more. It provides funds to keep us current with today’s technology and related areas such as  our sound system, security enhancements and record keeping (yes, there are many requests for copies of sacramental certificates) …and much, much more.

A Specific Ministry

What speaks to your heart? We have many ministries and all can use funds for their work in Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you serve in a ministry and would like to help fund their good works. Or, maybe you are moved by our Liturgies, Music, or Church Décor. Our Outreach Ministries help others in our community through Adult Faith Formation, Fellowship, Project Dresser, From the Heart, Living My Faith…Want more details? Please just ask!

Religious Education and Youth Ministry

The St. Francis of Assisi Religious Education and Youth Ministry team consists of staff and many dedicated disciples. They lead our youngest disciples in studies about Catholicism, building a faith foundation that is critical to the future of the Catholic Church in today’s world. Honor those that helped you form your faith by making a gift that will help support today’s youth.


A gift to the St. Francis Endowment Fund is the gift that keeps giving…a perpetual donation for generations to come. As gifts are made to the fund, the principal amount continues to grow and is never withdrawn or spent. The income earned through investments becomes an on-going source of revenue.

Gifts to the Endowment are held in a dedicated account for St. Francis of Assisi at the Catholic Community Foundation of the Diocese of Reno. Financial professionals manage the fund investments and report to the Catholic Foundation Board of Advisors, which includes a representative from our parish.

Additional Information on the fund managers and investment returns is available by request. 

Capital Expenditures

We are blessed with a beautiful church where we worship and pray. We are grateful to the generous parishioners who raised the funds for the original church and its major renovations over the years. A gift to the Capital Expenditures Fund helps to pay for building repairs and equipment needing replacement. One day, we would like to expand our facilities by building a Parish Center on the lot across from the church on Kelly Drive. This will enable us to welcome more people and offer more programs. We have a separate fund for donations towards this future project.


For all Planned Giving please consult with your financial, estate planning, and tax professionals.



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