The liturgy of marriage is a moment of joy and celebration. In our Catholic tradition, we hold that the couples themselves minister this sacrament or the vows to one another. While it is necessary that an official witness of the Church preside over the celebration (a Priest or Deacon), the active involvement of the couple, in every aspect of planning the celebration, is essential.
The couple should always keep in mind that the ceremony is first and foremost a moment of prayer for all who are present. All aspects of the celebration should reflect the noble simplicity befitting Christian worship while being meaningful to the couple exchanging their vows.

The Church environment is decorated according to our liturgical calendar. There are certain colors used during the different seasons which will be prominent and which may influence your decisions as to arrangements or time of year that you are married.

None of the Church decorations or furniture may be moved for a wedding. Please be respectful while working in the Church.

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Wedding Ceremony with or without the Eucharist?

Should you celebrate your marriage in the context of a Mass or non-Eucharistic ceremony?

When a wedding is celebrated at St. Francis of Assisi, the Rite of Marriage takes place after the Liturgy of the Word and the homily. The Liturgy of the Eucharist follows when a Nuptial Mass is held. The Rite of Marriage concludes with prayers and blessings.

In choosing which format to use you will want to consider the following points but keep in mind that you are planning YOUR wedding so it should be what you desire and not your guests:

  • If both couples are Catholic we encourage a Nuptial Mass that includes the Eucharist.
  • If one of you is from another faith tradition we encourage you to discuss your ceremony with our Wedding Coordinator. She will help you pick out the readings for your ceremony and guide you in personalizing your ceremony. Your local Par- ish should provide you with a copy of “Together for Life” or you may view it on-line here

Church Wedding Coordinator 

Our Parish Wedding Coordinator, Katie Christensen, should be contacted after completing all of your Pre-Nuptial requirements in order to plan your ceremony. The church Wedding Coordinator will attend your rehearsal and will be present at the wedding. If you have hired your own Wedding Coordinator, our Parish Wedding Coordinator will cooperate with your personal coordinator; however, our Parish WeddingCoordinator is fully responsible for the rehearsal and marriage ceremony to assure that the Sacrament of Marriage is in compliance with the Diocese/Parish customs and traditions. You may contact Katie Christensen by email or telephone her at (775) 831-0490 or her cell 775-762-3935


We look forward to working with you to create a meaningful and lovely wedding for you.