In 2002, the Bishops of the United States adopted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The charter mandates certain activities which are to be operative in all dioceses. Among the requirements of the charter is the education and training of all employees and those volunteers who may have contact with children. The Virtus program, Protecting God’s Children, trains its participants to recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse and respond appropriately.

If you are a parish ministry volunteer who has any contact with children, are currently considering a volunteer role in the parish, or are a parishioner who is interested in abuse prevention, please contact our Parish Protecting God’s Children Facilitator.

In protecting God’s children – YOUR children – we all need to become more aware of the dangers our youth face each day. This program is designed to help us help others and protect children, our precious gifts from God.

For more information about Protecting God’s Children, please visit their website at

Protecting God’s Children Parish Facilitator
Rosemary Evans- Email