The liturgy of marriage is a moment of joy and celebration. In our Catholic tradition, we hold that the couples themselves minister this Sacrament or the vows to one another. While it is necessary that an official witness of the Church preside over the celebration (a Priest or Deacon), the active involvement of the couple, in every aspect of planning the celebration, is essential. The couple should always keep in mind that the ceremony is first and foremost a moment of prayer for all who are present. All aspects of the celebration should reflect the noble simplicity befitting Christian worship while being meaningful to the couple exchanging their vows.


The couple has the opportunity to take an active part in planning the celebration of their wedding liturgy. To help you in the preparation of this important event, we have prepared several documents, with links, for you on our website. We encourage you to read them together and to note any questions you may have so that when you meet with the Marriage Preparation Team your talk may be fruitful.

Topics Regarding Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage at St. Francis of Assisi

  1. Display Full Wedding Document
  2. General Information
  3. Required Documents for Catholic Weddings
  4. St. Francis of Assisi Parishioner Marriage Preparation Requirements
  5. Reserving St. Francis of Assisi for Your Wedding Liturgy
  6. Planning Your Wedding Liturgy
  7. Planning the Details of Your Wedding Liturgy
  8. Schedule of Fees
  9. Contact Information
  10. Wedding Music Guideline


Forms Used in Planning Your Sacrament of Marriage at St. Francis of Assisi

  1. Wedding Contract – please complete and submit along with your deposit
  2. Wedding Guidelines – please complete and submit to Maha Hurdle
  3. Marriage Preparation check list
  4. Prayers of the Faithful
  5. Parish Hall Insurance Requirements
  6. Parish Hall Insurance Application